Our Approach

Long ago, our team learned that the statement "it can't be done" usually means "I don't know how", and we've spent our careers demonstrating how it can be done... successfully, by blending strategy, partnerships, and innovation.

At the core of our services

Because we believe that how we approach endeavors is perhaps equally as important as the experience we have to draw from, the following core perspectives/ideology help us blend passion and experience to accomplish great things for our partners, and the community as a whole:

  • Strategy Development and Problem Solving – We've supported a diverse range of public and private organizations as strategy advisors, leading teams through the process of understanding goals/objectives, identifying barriers, and developing/implementing strategies to achieve success. Frequently, challenges and strategies we’ve taken on involve a blend of technical issues, competing stakeholder interests/support, and identifying supported paths forward.
  • Partnerships/Relationships – We’ve found that there’s incredible potential for growth and new opportunities when we look outside of our institutional boundaries and either draw on the strength/experience of others, or form strategic partnerships that provide mutually beneficial outcomes. Creativity is often involved when identifying symbiotic relationships to nurture.  Partnerships and teaming relationships can provide “low-hanging fruit” opportunities (low-investment and high-yield).
  • Innovation and Creativity – We often get pulled into projects/situations when it appears that traditional or past methods aren’t sufficient, or when we can accomplish even more by taking a fresh look at the range of opportunities, and identifying creative ways of leveraging resources and strategic partnerships. 
  • Incorporating Diverse Perspectives – Vision or strategy without understanding different perspectives involved can lead to unexpected barriers. Leadership (and teamwork) that is the most effective and inspiring requires understanding the underlying objectives, concerns, and perspectives of other team members and/or stakeholders. Furthermore, assembling the right teams for the right endeavors, so that each member’s strengths are put to use, is fundamental to achieving the greatest outcomes.
  • Leadership/Mentoring – Our team has been blessed with wise and compassionate mentors throughout our careers, and we're driven to pay it forward, helping others make wise and informed decisions, helping them positively influence their own lives and the greater community.  


While we believe that each project/task/endeavor is unique and should have a work plan that is tailored to address its unique needs, we've learned that taking a systematic approach to strategy development can help incorporate a broad range of perspectives, avoid costly oversights, and ultimately achieve greater success with fewer resources.

We've developed a toolbox of strategy development processes/checklists in support of our client's/partner's broad and continuously changing needs. A generalized example/outline of a strategy-development outline is provided below:

  1. Begin with understanding the purpose and ultimate needs behind each project/task (not just at the surface, but what's really driving it)
  2. Identify ways to break projects/tasks into smaller, tangible components or steps (this helps understand the nuances that make each effort unique)
  3. Assess what's driving/constraining the schedule and funding
  4. Consider the range of likely/potential stakeholders, during the process as well as end users
  5. Use the combination of context (identified in steps above) to help us understand: 
    • The range and magnitude of uncertainties/risks to plan around
    • Milestones and collaboration required to maintain alignment and stakeholder support
    • Understand/establish appropriate performance metrics and measures of success
  6. With this context and key components of success, confirm the appropriate core competencies/experience required to identify/engage:
    • Specific staff and/or teaming partners with complimentary experience and skillsets
    • Other strategic resources to provide valuable input and support
  7. With that focused delivery team:
    • Determine what specific information is needed, and from where
    • Identify the likelihood of specific risks and develop mitigation strategies
    • Look outside of the typical toolbox of methods/solutions
    • Identify other creative or innovative approaches that help accomplish our goals in less time with fewer resources
  8. Clarify action items for specific team members, to leverage their unique strengths and expertise
  9. Implement strategy/work plan while tracking performance and adjusting as necessary
  10. Deliver measurable- and stakeholder-supported results that exceed expectations, with simple-to-understand documentation that supports the next use/phase of the endeavor


This strategy approach that focuses on fully clarifying our understanding of objectives, constraints, and measures of success is often overlooked or misunderstood, and:

  • Can often seem counter-productive while on a tight timeline (compared to "just getting started")
  • In reality, these steps are essential to understand for many projects as a whole
  • The strategy development process can/should be scaled based on the specific effort, and can be accomplished quickly
  • Helps move through the overall process more efficiently, while supporting results that add more value
  • Dramatically reducesrisks of "failure" (e.g. costly delays, oversights, lack of stakeholder support, etc.)
I firmly believe that it’s not just what we do (or experience we have), but also how we choose to engage and involve others along the way that influences the outcomes of our endeavors and helps inspire those around us in the process.
— Joshan (Joe) Rohani, V.P. Strategy and Innovation

What We've Achieved

While we've been focused on our core principles and continuously sought out ways to offer our clients and partners creative/innovative solutions that provide greater value with fewer resources, we've had some humbling achievements along the way (here are just a few):

  • Award-winning projects recognized by peer organizations
  • Successful (client measured) engagements on projects ranging from $5k to $300M as: Strategy Advisors, Technical Leads, Owner Representatives, Project and QA/QC Managers, and much more
  • The honor of mentoring & coaching roles with more than 250 students and career professionals (current and next generation of leaders) over the past decade
  • Oregon Stater Award: Council of Outstanding Early Career Professionals
  • "Top Performer" awards 4 years in a row
  • The ability to leverage our passion/expertise to help our clients/partners (friends) achieve success on some of the most complex and innovative projects in the region, we're passionate about
  • Millions ($) in grant funding (local, state, and federal) for our client's endeavors