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Overview of Roles & Services


At STRATOVATE, we serve as a true extension of your team in support of your unique and constantly changing needs, with specific or broadly-defined roles that typically include supporting:

  • Strategy Development & Problem Solving
  • Brainstorming & Innovation
  • Leadership Coaching & Training
  • Development of Work Plans & Approach
  • Project & Program Management
  • Alternatives Development & Analysis
  • Professional Facilitation & Mediation
  • Issue/Conflict Resolution & Risk Management
  • Strategic Partnerships Formation
  • Special Projects Leadership

Range of Services

Project & Program Management

We provide a wide-range of services related to project/program management, with the ability to adapt our roles and level of involvement to fit your specific needs. We have helped clients form and lead teams for complex, multi-discipline projects involving problem identification, planning, design, and implementation. Projects we've worked on involve a range of consulting fees from $5k to $10M, with planned/actual implemented project/program values of $50k to $300M. Typical responsibilities generally include:

  • Strategy development, establishment of work plans, and identification of team roles/responsibilities
  • Contract/budget development, negotiations, compliance, and change management
  • Managing multi-disciplinary teams for long-range planning, analysis, and design projects
  • Development and implementation of intergovernmental agreements and negotiations coaching
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  • Grant writing – Identify opportunities, priorities, and develop applications for private and government organizations
  • Facilitation of public/stakeholder engagement programs, as well as issue resolution strategies
  • Political outreach and support strategies
  • QA/QC management and oversight

Organizational Leadership

  • Staff coaching, mentoring, and success plan development
  • Performance assessments, feedback and coaching, mentoring, and growth opportunities
  • Facilitate key staff recruiting and retention strategies
  • Engagement with staff conflicts and relationship improvement plans
  • Organizational structure development and culture transitions
  • Lead/support key initiatives and branding strategies
  • Develop, facilitate, and deliver training programs related to:
    • Understanding/forming teams around diverse work styles/personality types
    • Effective mentoring/coaching strategies (for mentors and mentees)
    • Providing and receiving effective feedback
    • Business development and marketing
    • Conflict resolution strategies
    • Team formation and partnering sessions

Business Development

  • Develop and adapt strategic direction
    • Assess current/emerging market opportunities and develop work plans
    • Cultivate and maintain industry relationships  (over 1,000 professional contacts) with a broad range of private industries, organizations, and government agencies
    • Identify and form strategic partnerships
    • Engage with clients and teaming partners to clarify expectations and planned outcomes
    • Collaborate with team leaders to support ongoing needs and advise on implementation strategies
    • Develop and track budgets and revenue forecasts
  • Project/pursuit strategies and coaching
    • Support pursuit-specific strategy development
    • Coach and mentor pursuit teams, and support alignment with business development process
    • Gap analysis – successful team profile, gaps in strengths/experience, and fatal flaws
    • Identify key differentiators and opportunities for innovation/solutions finding
    • Develop branding strategies, proposal themes, and critical success factors
  • Support and oversee proposal strategies
    • Facilitate proposal storyboarding, outlines, and content development
    • Provide oversight and key milestone reviews, and compliance with selection criteria requirements

Special Projects & Initiatives

We've spent our careers doing and learning everything that we could, from every perspective and role possible… Not just doing the “primary job roles/responsibilities” expected for our positions, but also building experience as“utility players”, where we've learned how to quickly understand and add value wherever needed. This experience allows us to not only help our client's understand how to identify strategies and implement work plans to support their success, but also predict/assess potential risks and proactively manage them to avoid costly delays or  issues along the way.